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C4 Information

Our C4 is the BEST!

A Properly Applied Carbon Product That is “Fully-Loaded” Can Make a Profitable Difference!

C4 is an extremely high energy carbon foliar feed/chemical
adjuvant that is sugar based.

Give Your Plants the Boost They Need Today!

Stronger Plant Resistance to Drought, Frost, Hail type Shock!

Higher Plant Brix Levels!

Rain-fast in Minutes!

Better Plant Health!

Increased Microbial Activity!

Stimulates Amino Acid and Protein Production in the Plant!

Safe to Use With All Types of Herbicide, Pesticide, and Fertilizer Products!

Bigger and Better Yields!

Less Insect Problems!

Increases Herbicide Absorption!

Improved Photosynthesis!

Only Need to Use 12-16 Ounces Per Acre!



Apply C4 by ground or air.  For ground application spray at a rate of

16 ounces per acre in a 5-10gal mix.  Aerial Apply at a rate of 12oz per acre in a 2gal mix.

Warning: Do not mix stronger than 20:1. Can be harmful to growing crop.

Our low application rates make C4 easy to ship and handle and very
cost effective too! It can safely be combined with all types of herbicides and pesticides, and with some fertilizer products.  Always jar test.

High priced chemical and crop input costs can be offset by including C4 in your farming program.