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3-0-3-1s pop-up fertilizer

Why would we recommend a 3-0-3-1s as a replacement for 10-34-0?

  1. The microbes in this formulation make phosphorus available that is abundant in the soil, but tied up.

  2. Unlike 10-34-0, which doesn't feed soil microbes, EnviroKure 3-0-3-1s helps to kick off a flood of microbial activity. These microbes do so many good things for the soil.

EnviroKure 3-0-3-1s contains 20 beneficial bacteria, 10 phytohormones, 23 plant growth-enhancing amino acids and 2,000 enzymes and metabolic compounds, plus plant available macro/micronutrients and carbon.

What 3-0-3-1s can do for your soil:

  • Increase microbial diversity

  • Stimulate root mass and length

  • Improve crop input efficiency

  • Minimize drought impact

  • Build soil health

  • Elevate pathogen and pest resistance

  • Enhance plant vitality

  • Boost systemic disease suppression

  • Improve yeilds and carbon sequestration

Click here for a pdf document produced by the manufacturer of EK-L Plant Builder 3-0-3-1s that contains 17 pages of documentation on 3-0-3-1s.

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