Conquer Nature By Cooperating With It

GroPal Sea Minerals, for
Nutrient Dense, Healthy Plants

Ocean trace minerals have all the elemental minerals that occur in nature.

URGENT - your garden needs Trace Minerals.
YOU need trace minerals.

The Problem

Farmed out, leached out soils are the problem.Over the years, trace minerals have been carried away from our soils by rain and carried away in what we harvest, and these trace minerals have not been replaced. Most commercial fertilizers DO NOT provide even close to all the trace minerals your garden needs. (in the picture, the soil on right has been built up with compost)

"Most crops utilize an average of 40 elements from the soil. 
In no case do fertilizers add more than 12 and most 
commercial fertilizers add a maximum of six elements."
Sea Energy Agriculture, pg. 69, Dr. Maynard Murray

The Answer

It is really quite simple. We need to replace these missing trace minerals. They are greatly needed by the plant and soil. Without them, we may see increased insect, disease, and weed problems.

There are numerous sources of trace minerals. My favorite source is the ocean, where all 90 naturally occurring elements are in liquid form, and in perfect balance. Kelp, ocean fish, and concentrated sea minerals are all good sources of ocean minerals.

My first application of concentrated sea minerals showed amazing results. I put it on a portion of grass in my back yard. Much to my surprise, within a week the grass had turned a dark green, and really started to grow.

Do you know those spots that are caused by dog urine, where the grass is dead in the center, but lush and dark green around it? (like in the 1st picture on the right)

My grass had a spot like that. It really stood out. A couple of weeks after I applied the sea minerals, I could hardly find that spot. The whole areawas lush and dark green! In the second picture on the right, the urine spot was formerly just below the center of the picture.

Female dog spot disease is not really a disease, but damage caused by a lot of nitrogen rich urine in one spot.

The Best of the Best

GroPal has the greatest density of trace minerals of any fertilizer from the ocean that we know of. It is made by evaporating 100 gallons of pure Australian ocean water down to just 1 gallon. Close to 99% of the sodium and most of the chloride solidify, leaving a liquid that is quite low in sodium but rich in trace minerals.

To best utilize the nutrients of GroPal, we have added a product called Soil Balance to it, making a wonderful product for soil and plants. This product is called MycorrPlus.

Applying MycorrPlus-A to your soil brings the goodness of GroPal and the soil building capabilities of Soil Balance into one product.

Applying it to the leaves

Concentrated liquid sea minerals are in ionic form, and are readily available to the plant, especially when fed through the leaf. MycorrPlus-F is GroPal with enough Soil Balance added in to give it superior intake by the plant.

The Benefits

There are great advantages to getting trace minerals back into the food we eat. To me, the most wonderful of these are that it makes crops so much more nutritious and healthy.The research of Dr. Maynard Murray attests to this. Second, fruits and vegetables taste so much better! Your body craves these nutrients.

A friend of mine had been giving squash from his garden to his 80 year old next door neighbor for years. When my friend used some GroPal in his garden and shared his squash with her, she said, "I know squash, and this is the best tasting squash I have ever had." She's not the only one that has noticed this.

Healthy vegetable gardening is all about growing nutrient dense foods. My garden is healthier, and I am healthier. This is a win-win proposition!


Concentrated sea minerals are sold as a mineral supplement for people. They are in ionic form, and highly available to the body. I use them for sports rehydration.

For animals, too

How do ocean trace minerals help animals? For years my wife and I have added around 14 drops a day to our cat's daily bowl of raw milk. They are the healthiest 2 cats we've ever owned. Here is what others have seen:

  • "The wool on our sheep became finer, with 2.5 more pounds of wool at sheering time." (sheep in Australia)
  • "I used 1 oz. per head per day in our cow's drinking water. Within 2 days the cattle started cycling. Within 2 weeks half of the herd was bred (which normally takes months), with 100% conception." (small dairy in Canada)
  • "After using .7 gallons an acre of GroPal on my pasture, my cows looked really good. Their coats were shinny. My neighbors commented on how good they looked, and even my vet asked me what I was doing different." (Beef cattle, Wisconsin)
  • "I am excited about how healthy my cattle are since I am grazing them on pasture treated with GroPal. Two of my neighbors have seen it, too, and are now using GroPal on their pastures." (Beef cattle, Texas)
  • I gave GroPal to my 9 cats for 1 week. I saw a difference in health, plus they don’t seem so starved." (house cats in Missouri)


MycorrPlus gives you all the goodness of Ocean Trace, along with the wonderful soil building capabilities of Soil Balance.


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