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Low Sodium Sea Mineral Additive

Providing Better Drinking Water for Animals

For Improved Drinking Water 

1.  Filter water to remove undesired contaminants.


2.  Add Ocean Trace™ to the water, 1 part Ocean Trace to 6,000 parts water* (1/8 tsp. of Ocean Trace™ per gallon of water).


3.  Pass the water through the NAT Water Structuring Machine at 20 to 100 psi.

*The ratio of Ocean Trace™ to water may vary from as low as 1 to 1,500

up to 1 to 10,000.  The standard recommendation is 1 to 6,000.

Another method of metering Ocean Trace™ to animal drinking water is to
add 1 ounce (30 cc) daily for every 3,600 lbs. of combined animal weight 
(1 tsp. daily for every 600 lbs. of animal weight).

Ingredient Statement

Condensed Ocean Water

AG-USA™ makes no warranties of any kind,
express or implied with respect to Ocean Trace™. 

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5.28 US Gallons (20 liters)