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MycorrPlus (GroPal Balance)
with Richard Fish

The following is the transcription of a video
shot on November 3, where I interviewed Richard
Fish, who compared 2 halves of a field, one
treated with MycorrPlus (the new name for
GroPal Balance), the other was not.

Richard: I put the GroPal out here last March, GroPal Balance, and I didn't, I really couldn't tell any difference all through the spring and summer. And until about 3 months ago, and I could, I could tell a difference, because the grass, it got looking a lot worse and a lot thinner than this grass.

So that got us kind of excited, because we could see a real difference in it. And this had nothing; and this, all it had was the GroPal Balance. So we were pretty impressed by it doing something.

And late in the year whenever the grass is usually going back, this was still coming.

: Ok. So you see more growth, you it any thicker?

: A lot thicker, it's thicker, it was thicker, it was like you put cows in, when I first put them in here, it was like you put cows on fresh grass and they tromp it down because it's up, that's the way that was. The other was not that way.

And they just stayed back here and ate on this, instead of coming on up. There's the water trough all the way at the other end of the pasture; but every time I come they were back here laying up under those cedar trees.

: So they would come over here and feed and then go over there and drink?

: Right. I guess they went to drink. I didn't catch them over there. They stayed back here until way later.

And like I say, we couldn't tell it all spring and summer. And I was real disappointed until about 3 months ago; you could really start, it really started, you could tell a difference.

And the other grass went to going back, Pensacola Bahia Grass, northeast Florida. That's normal, in July it started going back. But this went to coming on; the rest went back, but this went to really growing.

: So right around August we started really seeing this thicken up and grow more, and the cows preferred it and ate it down. So it was from March till August, so about 5 months and then this really started coming on and you really started seeing a difference?

: And it was visible, it was really visible.  And at that time I got my brother to come and look at it just to make sure I wasn't seeing things, and he was impressed.

I put the GroPal on last March...

: You put the GroPal Balance...comes almost up to his elbow, well, not up to the elbow, but yea.

: Well, when you hold it's already laid over.

: Yea, ok.

: I put the GroPal Balance on it, um, soil conditioner, and all through the summer we couldn't tell anything until about August when the rest of the grass was going back, its Pensacola Bahia, northeast Florida, we come out here and looked, and we could visibly see where we had quit putting it out on the pasture.

And I'll show you some over there we didn't put it on, and it's not near the grass there. Plus this doesn't have the broomsedge here, which tells us it doesn't need lime. Plus where there were some spots of dog fennel weed, there's not near the dog fennel here as there is on what we didn't put the GroPal on.

This is the pasture where we didn't put the GroPal Balance, and you can see the difference; the other was not like this (the grass from the GroPal Balance side).

And there's a lot more dead here, plus there's a lot more weeds. And you can see the little dog fennels that's growing back after it was mowed in July. And that over there was choked out, we believe.

So the grass was so much thicker.

: Right. You want to pull a little over here, too, and we'll put it side by side then.

Wow! That's quite the difference. Plus the cows were feeding over there and they weren't feeding over here.

: Right. This is the grass that was treated with the GroPal Balance, and this was not. And that's the difference, with Pensacola Bahia Grass.

: Wow. That's quite a difference in root structure, too.

: It has a lot better mycorrhizal in it and everything. It's sweet.

: Wow. And this is typical for where we put the GroPal Balance and where we didn't put it?

: Correct.

: And this is Richard Fish, in northeast Florida.

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