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MycorrPlus TM for Beans

(MycorrPlus is the new name for GroPal Balance)

What our Customers Report

  • A 10% to 20% increase in yields
  • Better moisture retention
  • Better drought tolerance
  • Huge root structures, improving nutrient uptake
  • A great inoculant for better nodulation and nitrogen fixation
  • Less disease and insect attack
  • Increased organic matter in the soil

  • Accelerated seed germination
  • Toxins broken down
  • Salts are flushed out of the root zone
  • Greater mycorrhizal activity, far extending the root zone


MycorrPlus is a highly concentrated bio-stimulant that can accomplish all of the above.


Application Guidelines

Entry level application

If you will only be making one application of MycorrPlus, apply one quart in one of the following ways:

  • In the row, on the seed (in furrow) in place of pop-up
  • Band over the row
  • Side-dress 2x2 if you can't go in the row or band it
  • If none of the above are possible, broadcast the quart application preferably a month or more before planting

Secondary applications

If you want to do more than the entry level application, do one or more of the following:

  • Apply a top-dress/foliar application of two quarts MycorrPlus-F with a 10 gallon per acre tank mix once the field is in full flower.
  • Apply a second foliar application 3 to 4 weeks after the first foliar application.
  • Or, apply a quart soil application of MycorrPlus-A at flowering to give the plant additional help in transitioning from vegetative growth to fruiting.

MycorrPlus is a great inoculant that helps to facilitate superior nodulation of beans and other legumes.

Never mix MycorrPlus with phosphorus or potassium. One farmer mixed it with his 10-34-0 and it gelled in the tank - what a mess that was! We advise that MycorrPlus not be mixed with any chemical fertilizer, with the exception of liquid nitrogen.

Why Use MycorrPlus for Beans?

MycorrPlus stimulates beneficial aerobic bacteria and mycorrhizal fungi. These microbes highly structure the soil, taking out compaction and hardpan, while improving moisture retention.

  1. MycorrPlus is compatible with other inoculants. However, MycorrPlus is a world-class inoculant that can produce excellent nodulation; no other inoculant should be needed besides MycorrPlus.
  2. The best way to save on fertilizer is to fully utilize microorganisms in the soil. Our microbes help to free up phosphorus and potassium already in the soil. As more P and K become available in your soil, a soil test will reveal just how little phosphorus and potassium is still needed. You save a ton on fertilizer! NEVER mix MycorrPlus with P or K, as it may cause it to turn to a gel.
  3. MycorrPlus helps to remove compaction and hardpan. The microbes use the sugars secreted by the plant as gums and glues to bind soil particles together, creating air spaces and bringing structure to the soil, helping to eliminate compaction and hardpan.
  4. Close to 80% of the air we breathe is nitrogen. As MycorrPlus opens the way for air to flow down into the soil, nitrogen fixing bacteria help to fix that nitrogen into the soil. Then other microbes make it available to the plant.
    It takes 4 or 5 months for this to begin making a substantial difference. The deeper MycorrPlus structures the soil, the more nitrogen that is produced.
  5. Beneficial bacteria break down the chemicals and toxins that inhibit beneficial microbes.
  6. These bacteria remediate salts that inhibit soil life, flushing them away from the root zone.
  7. The soil becomes an ideal growing environment, as aerobic bacteria, fungi and beneficial nematodes displace anaerobic bacteria and root-eating nematodes.

Click here to view lab tests that demonstrate the ability of MycorrPlus (formally named GroPal Balance) to free up tied up nutrients in the soil, turning them into available plant food.

MycorrPlus also helps with the following:

  • Quickly builds organic matter in the soil
  • Accelerates seed germination
  • Helps to balance pH by balancing nutrients in the soil

Does all this sound too good to be true? Watch what some of our customers have to say.

  • It is a great product for balancing out the soil
  • Increased Cation Exchange means it benefits next year's crops, too
  • Increased nutrients in crops and forage
  • Greater nutrient density means healthier livestock

MycorrPlus is very well balanced, containing the following:

  • GroPal, a sea mineral concentrate
  • Humic & fulvic acids
  • Fish and kelp
  • Molasses



Do one of the following today:


Apply MycorrPlus as soon as
possible for better corn production.