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Always begin with MycorrPlus-A (formerly GroPal Balance) to help restore balance to the soil. Just $20 per qt. by the bucket, apply 32 to 64 oz./acre.
For certified organic use, use MycorrPlus-O (formerly GroPal Balance) in place of MycorrPlus-A. Just $20 per qt. by the bucket, and 32 oz. to 64 oz. per acre.
Foliar fertilizer, 2 qts/acre is $18 per acre. Contains a surfactant that dries out soft bodied insects and fungus on the leaf, killing them. If you don't want this function, then please choose MycorrPlus-OF.
For certified organic use, use MycorrPlus-O-F foliar in place of F. Three qts./acre is $23.10 an acre. Also used for trees and for those who do not want their soft-bodied insects (like ladybug larvae) killed.