Conquer Nature By Cooperating With It

Conquer Nature

by Learning to Cooperate with it

The approach of modern day agriculture is to use the soil as a holding medium for soluble chemical fertilizers. Soluble fertilizers do not require microbes to break them down and make them available to the plant.

This approach to farming has numberous problems:

  • Soluble fertilizers are high in salt, a sterilizer.

  • Bacteria are not needed to feed the plant, so the soil slowly dies.

  • Inactive bacteria ends up producing hardpan and compaction.

  • Weeds thrive in the resulting sick soil.

  • Sick soils produce plants that are susceptible to insects and disease.

  • Harmful nematodes thrive, harming plant roots.

  • Using fungicides, insecticides, herbicides and nematicides to try and conquer nature not only make farming more expensive, but they further damage the soil.


Conquer Nature by Cooperating with it

God designed there to be a symbiotic relationship between plants and soil. Plants are designed to take sunlight, and through photosynthesis, to manufacture sugars.

When soils are balanced, toxins are broken down, salts are removed and mycorrhizal and other fungi thrive, it greatly increases the plant's ability to manufacture sugars.

God designed it like this for a reason. It was His planthat the plant excrete large amounts of sugars through their roots to feed the microbes in the soil. The plant "farms" the microbes, which in turn take unavailable minerals in the soil and turn them into available plant food.

But the beneficial microbes in MycorrPlus (formally called GroPal Balance) do much more than feed the plant. They also:

  1. Highly structure the soil, taking out compaction and hardpan.

  2. Structured soil means trillions of air gaps, which efficiently store moisture.

  3. Air gaps also mean that air flows down into the soil, allowing for aerobic bacteria to thrive.

  4. Nitrogen fixing bacteria then take nitrogen from the air and fix it in the soil as urea.

  5. The bacteria break down toxins and salts, flushing them from the soil.

  6. In this healthy environment, good microorganisms dominate the soil, displacing harmful nematodes and disease causing pathogens.

  7. Mycorrnizal fungi thrive in this environment and transport nutrients and moisture to the plant from far beyond the root zone.

  8. In many cases, within a year after applying a quart or more of MycorrPlus, 90% of the balance in the soil has been restored, and by the end of the 2nd year the soil can be completely balanced, as long as no chemical applications have been made.

Although MycorrPlus is a bio-stimulant, whose function is to feed our microbes and get them established in the soil so they can do their work.


So what is the best way to conquer nature? Not with chemicals, but rather, we need to recognize the symbiotic relationship put in place the the Creator and then to cooperate with it.

MycorrPlus was designed to do this very things, and does it most effectively, witnessed by the wonderful results seen by our customers.

We at AG-USA will do our best to guide you in how best to conquer nature by cooperating with it. Give us a call, and we will do our best to answer all your questions.

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