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Under standard conditions, it takes just 1 teaspoon (5 cc) to treat 1 gallon of water.  1 tsp./gal. gives you 500 PPM of mineral electrolyte in distilled water.  At this rate, our 8 oz. bottle of electrolyte will treat 48 gallons of water.  If you have a cell with extra plates, or the spacing of your plates is closer than ? inch apart, you may need less than ? teaspoon per gallon.  You can fine tune the amount you use, until your are pulling the number of amps you want.  For best results, use our electrolyte with vinegar.



Add 1 ? teaspoon of our Concentrated Sea Mineral Electrolyte into 1 gallon of 5% white distilled vinegar (you can buy this at your local  grocery store).  Shake a few times, then dilute it with distilled water to get the amps you want.  If the amps run too high, dilute until you have the desired amp output.  You may have to dilute it 50/50 with distilled water, or as much as1 part to 12 parts distilled water.

Before putting in our new formula, flush your cell with water until it is clean.  On my HHO Generator, my amps run high when I run our new formula without diluting it, so I add 5 parts distilled water to 1 part of the above formula to minimize the heat.  If you normally use very little electrolyte, then thin ours way down with distilled water before trying it.  Amps and HHO output increase about 20% the day after I change my electrolyte and water, so watch for this.  HHO cells are more efficient if the water temperature is kept below 140o F.

In order to generate more hydrogen, some people will put in a little extra electrolyte.  Use caution here.  Making your electrolyte too hot will generate extra heat, which can cut down on the efficiency of your Fuel Cell.  We don't recommend a concentration greater than 2 teaspoons of our electrolyte per gallon of distilled water.

Our electrolyte is non-toxic, so much so that you can freely handle it and actually drink it in small amounts.  We start with 100 gallons of Ocean Water, and evaporate it down to one gallon.  In the evaporation process, 99% of the Sodium and most of the Chloride and Calcium precipitate out of solution, leaving a wonderful electrolyte for generating hydrogen from water.

It is best to use our Electrolyte with distilled water.  If tap water is used, it can quickly produce a brown buildup on your hydrogen generator plates.  Personally, I get my distilled water free from the drain on my house air conditioner.  It produces gallons of distilled water every day.  Consider catching extra, and saving ahead for winter.  Even with distilled water, 12 volt systems generally produce a reddish brown sediment.  We see it with our Electrolyte as well.  This sediment is the oxides that come from dirty plates, and perhaps some from the electrolyte as well.  You want to keep this sediment to a minimum.

To reduce the sediment in the bottom of my HHO generator, I drilled a hole in the bottom of my HHO generator, tapped it out with a ?? fine tooth tap, and screwed in a 1/2? brass pipe nipple, being careful not to strip the plastic threads.  Then I took a tube of GOOP Plumbing adhesive and sealant (you can buy it at a hardware store; it is also very useful to seal all of your HHO gas fittings) and coated between the pipe nipple and my HHO cell, to cement it into position so it couldn?t unscrew.  I wrapped the threads with Teflon tape, then I screwed on a water shut-off valve like is used under the sink, but with a ?? female thread.  Now water changes are very fast!

Now, instead of changing my water so often, every couple of days I open my cap where I add water, then I open the drain until the water starts running clear, usually two or three ounces at a time.  Then I close the drain, and fill my cell to the proper level with distilled water treated with our electrolyte.

To keep your water from freezing in the winter, a 20% mix of denatured alcohol will keep the water from freezing down to around -20 F, turning the water to a slush, but not expanding to hurt the cell.

Our HHO electrolyte is also a foliar fertilizer called Ocean Trace. You can purchase Ocean Trace, but let us know in the comments section that it is for HHO use, and we will label it accordingly.

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