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Testimonials, C4

Ian, KS Farmer -  Every year we have the same ongoing battle against bugs in our fields. And every year it seems like the bugs win. Not this year this year we found out about C4 and it turned everything around!

Jake, TX Farmer -  Our soil is less than ideal for growing crops here in TX.  We had tried all kinds of different products to get our soil conditions up with little success.  Then when tried some of U.S. Ags products and they made a world of difference!  There products improved our soil so much that we now grow some of the best crops in the region!  Our favorite products are HA-12 and C4.  You simply cant find a better product for the money that works this well!

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James, AR Farmer -  I used C4 on my soybeans two times and I got better yields than all my neighbors!  There is a night and day difference between my field and all my neighbors.  Im simply blown away by C4!

Nick, CO Farmer -  U.S. Ag has thoroughly convinced me that there is more to farming than just NPK and how much you apply.  Ive been using traditional NPK fertilizers for over 10 years and every year I end up with the same lack-luster crop.  This year U.S. Ags products changed all that!  I used several of their products including C4 and I grew the best crop in my farming career!  I didnt use any pesticides on my ground either!  Thank you U.S. Ag!

Kevin, IA Farmer -  The soybeans just exploded on C4!  We saw a tremendous difference after only 1 application of C4!  I was skeptical at first; but C4 is the real deal!

Mark, TN Farmer -  This year using C4 our Corn averaged 40bu better!  This is an excellent product!

Elton, MS Grass Farmer -  We tripled our production for tonnage and increased cuttings with C4, Calcium and HA-12!  We are very satisfied!

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Jared, OK Farmer -  Our soybeans are usually poor and average 20bu acre.  We had been considering selling the land.  This year we used U.S. Ags products HA-12 and C4 and got the best yields ever!  So now after an outstanding year were going to keep the land!!!!

Commercial Applicator/Dealer, NE -  My customers are all telling me how much they like C4; especially their yield increases!

SD Farmer -  We were missing a whole month of heat units for our corn; but we still produced the best corn we have ever grown with C4!

Commercial Applicator/Dealer, SD -  I applied C4 with the second application of roundup on soybeans for several of my customers and they averaged right at 7 bushel more overall.  Multiply that times $10 beans and it is a great return.  Everyone was happy!

Gregg, KS Farmer -  C4 has been the real difference maker for me.  Most years I barely get by with all the pesticides I have to buy for my crops; but since I started using C4 I havent had any bug or fungus problems!  This stuff has saved me a fortune!

Jeff, CO Farmer -  U.S. Ag has made a name for itself in the agriculture field with this product (C4).  I have never seen a product perform this well, period.  Ya gotta try it!

Kevin, TN Famer -  I used C4 on my beans and had my best yields in over 20 years of farming this ground!  When I first used this stuff at 3-leaf stage the plants had a huge growth spurt; they really put on size quick!  After that first application I knew I was gonna have some big numbers on this crop if weather conditions allowed.  Turns out we did have good growing conditions this year and the soybeans were fantastic!  I plan to use C4 every year now!

**Buy C4 now**

Robert, KS Farmer -  If there is one thing I know, its how to grow corn.  Ive been doing it for over 40 years and Ive tried every trick under the sun to grow a better crop.  With that said, Ive never seen my corn respond to a product like C4.  This stuff is simply amazing.  I used two applications of C4 on my corn and it looks outstanding.  Excellent plant health, huge ears, no bugs and no fungus.  To top it off, C4 also saved me a bunch of cash by not having to use any pesticides!  If youve never used this stuff youre definitely in for a real treat!

Tim, NE Farmer -  "I used C4 on my soybeans and to my surprise I didnt need to apply any herbicide or pesticide on my crop!  The soybeans look fantastic!

John, IA Farmer -  I cant tell you how happy I am to have found U.S. Ags product C4.  After years of farming with commercial fertilizer it seems that my costs keep going up and the performance of my crops has slowly been going down. C4 has changed all of that!  Since using C4, my input costs have dropped substantially and Im growing bumper crops at the same time!  Thanks to C4 I enjoy farming again!

Daniel, GA Farm CO OP -  We have been using U.S. Ags products for several years now with excellent results.  Last year was the first time we had used their new product C4.  We used it on our corn in a side-by-side trial and the C4 treated corn did 22 bu better!  This product is the best bang for the buck foliar we have ever seen!

Isom Ag Customer, NE -  "The area got hailed pretty bad, the fields that had C4 on them snapped out of shock and are growing like crazy.  All the fields around them are not doing anything."

Roger Karels, MN -  "The results that I have seen with C4 are awesome!  I had a bean field that was yellow and high alkali problems.  I sprayed the C4 on and they turned dark green and took off!  I wouldn't trade my beans for any in an 80 mile radius!"

**Buy C4 now**

Other Testimonials

L. Walker, GA -  "I decided to try the US Ag program on my pasture this year and then put my heifers back out to graze.  I noticed a difference right away, they didn't want to leave the field!   Before they would come up to the barn and mess around, now they only go get water and then they go back to the field to graze."

Jared Stafford, OK -  "Wow!  I was totally surprised with the results I got my first year using US-AGs decided to give it a try with 5 totes of Calcium and a tote of humic 3-1-2 on our Bermuda grassit worked so well within two weeks we could see the difference between the areas we sprayed with Calcium and the fields we did not!  Needless to say dad was convinced and now we order Calcium by the truck loads!  Best investment we have made!"

Greg Luthy, NE -  "The 2006 crop year was the 1st year I followed U.S. Ag's complete program.  I am very much satisfied with this program.  1 lb of N to raise 1  bushel of corn was just proven on my farm to be not true.  We live in the day and age where it is time to step out of the box, away from the mainstream and try to utilize all the minerals left in the soil, plus add all the known minerals and nutrients, not just a few.  I feel fortunate I crossed paths with Carl.  He is very knowledgeable in this field and I look forward to working with him in the future."

Larry Aesoph, SD -  "I have been using US Ag's products for several years now and the results have been outstanding.  My yields are consistently better than all my neighbors and I spend less on my fertilizer than they do!"

Terry, CO Farmer -  We had limited water and got hailed 2 times; yet we did 196bu corn!  Plus we were virtually insect and fungus free, even after the hail.

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