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Higher nutritional value

  MycorrPlus is listed for organic use with WSDA

It is amazing that  God caused the 90 elements in the ocean to occur in the very same proportions as in both blood plasma and chlorophyll (plant “blood”).  Human plasma is actually ¼ strength sea water!  Trace elements are vital to both plant and animal health.  Without them, plants are easy targets for insects and disease, and can not reach their full genetic potential.



 Sea Energy Agriculture, by Maynard Murray, MD.

 2nd Edition, copyright 2003, Acres USA.

Pg. 74.  The presence or absence of a trace element can be the deciding factor in determining whether a necessary element is absorbed into the plant’s root system.

Pg. 28 The most important contribution to high farm yields and continuous plant production was the practice of replacing the major elements for a plant’s nutritional needs in the soil and fortifying them with heavy doses of nitrates.  Thus, soil production was maintained and even increased in spite of starving the soil of vital trace elements necessary for the sustenance of healthy life.

 Pg. 99. Plants then may take up abnormal proportions of other elements to make up for the deficiencies in trace elements, (and) crops begin to lose their nutritional value.

Even though we must make a living, farming is actually about growing nutritious food that enables the body to function properly.  Every day there are approximately 250,000 DNA transactions in our bodies that don't take place because we are missing key elements needed to catalyze those transactions.  This translates into a decreased ability for us to combat sickness and disease.  Ocean Trace can help us to get these nutrients back into our foods.


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Laboratory of Vitamin Technology, Chicago, Illinois. Dr. Lawrence Rosner, Lab Director  American Research and Testing Laboratory, Chicago, Illinois. Paul W. Stokesberry, Dir. Stritch School of Medicine, Loyola University, Chicago, Illinois.

 In over 100 tests, there were significant differences in results obtained with conventional NPK-based fertilizers and those obtained with Maynard Murray’s Sea Solids (left behind by evaporated ocean water). Some of these test results are recorded in Dr. Murray’s book, Sea Energy Agriculture.  A few are given below:

Note:  Liquid Ocean Trace™ was not used by Dr. Murray.
We are simply noting some of his results.

 Peach Trees.  Curly Leaf Virus introduced. 

      Control:  Sharply reduced yield/death

      Sea Solids:  Normal Yield/complete immunity


Grapes.  Sugar content tested.

      Control:  13.60% total sugars

      Sea Solids:  16.87% total sugars


Turnips.  Staphylococcus bacteria


      Control:  Center rot/death

      Sea Solids:  Completely normal without

      center rot


Tomatoes.  Tobacco Mosaic Virus


      Control:  All died

      Sea Solids:  Completely normal


Tomatoes.  Blight.

      Control:  Heavy blight from fungus

      Sea Solids:  Blight free


Oats.  Yields test.

      Control:  38 bushels per acre

      Sea Solids:  45 bushels/acre w/ less rust


Sweet Potatoes.  Ash/Mineral.

      Control:  28.80%

      Sea Solids:  31.20%



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