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Mycorr Plus

A $20 per acre application for $40 per acre results!
Get more "bang for the buck" for your fertilizer dollar

My dad, Paul Schneider Sr., started Tech Ag in 1969. As an animal nutritionist, he has worked for many years to help farmers grow crops chocked full of nutrients, while at the same time helping to boost yields. He has done this by improving the soil.

Over the years our family has sought to put together a superior product line, one that gave farmers great yields while improving the soil. You can see that product line by clicking here. However, I am not suggesting that you purchase these other fertilizers.

Why? Because I believe that MycorrPlus takes the efficiency of your fertilizer dollar to the next level. Imagine increasing your yields and the nutrient density of your crops for half the price!

Yes, it is possible to spend twice as much on AG-USA's top of the line liquid calcium, hydrolized fish and humic acids and not achieve the same yield increases that MycorrPlus is able to give you.

Add to this the fact that MycorrPlus-A or O can help crops to sequester a huge amount of liquid carbon (sugars produced through photosynthesis) into the soil. These sugars can help to highly structure the soil while quickly building organic matter.

So if you want an amazing return on investment, we recommend that you look into what MycorrPlus can do for you!


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