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Ocean Trace™
Sea Minerals

for Animal Drinking Water


  You can provide your animals with exceptional drinking water by
using the AG-USA water treatment program:

1.      Filter the water as needed.

2.      Add Ocean Trace™ to the water.

3.     Pass the water through a NAT Water Structuring Machine.


Product Label


Previously, Ocean Trace was OMRI listed
However, there was not enough demand to maintain this listing.
But you can be assured that this product is organic in nature.


 is good drinking water that important? 

Many Americans have realized that good drinking water plays an important role in maintaining good health.  We buy bottled water, or filter our water to get rid of Chlorine and other unwanted chemicals. 

But have we ever thought that poor water quality may be adversely affecting our animals? 

AG-USA™ would like to help you to improve the quality of the water you give to your animals.  We are currently using our cutting edge technology to improve water for humans, and now it is available for livestock.

Our program is simple, yet effective.  Here is what we recommend: 

First, filter water as needed.

If the water needs filtered, the filter should be placed before injecting the Ocean Trace.  We don't want the filter to remove any of our sea minerals.

Second, inject Ocean Trace™ into the water, or add it manually. 

Please contact us if you need to purchase an injector (medicator).  We can help you find a unit that is right for you. 

What is Ocean Trace? 

We take 100 gallons of ocean water and evaporate it down to one gallon.  In the evaporation process, most of the Sodium Chloride solidifies and is removed, leaving behind a dense sea mineral solution. 

Why Ocean Trace™ ? 

The ocean contains all 72 minerals found in nature.  We inject a small amount of these sea minerals into animal drinking water (i.e., 1 part Ocean Trace to 6,000 parts water, which increases the minerals in the water by 65 ppm).  This broad spectrum of minerals facilitates the NAT Water Structuring Machine in doing its job of structuring the water and increasing the number of Biophotons

For more information on the importance of having a full spectrum of minerals in the water, click here, then choose #14 on the menu on the left)

Recommended amount for animals 

Inject 1 part Ocean Trace™ into 6,000 parts water. 

Ocean Trace may also be added to water manually.  Just calculate the combined weight of the animals drinking from the water, then divide it by one of the 3 weight categories below to get actual number of ounces, tsp., or cc needed. 

0.4 ounces (12 cc) daily for every 1,000 lbs. of combined animal weight.
1 tsp. daily for every 400 lbs.
of combined animal weight.
1 cc daily for every 80 lbs.
of combined animal weight.

If you choose this method, make sure to maintain a minimum of 1,500 parts water to 1 part of Ocean Trace™.

Recommended amount for fowls 

How much Ocean Trace™ (OT) is used for a 32,000 bird chicken house where they drink approximately 45,000 gallons of water in a 40 day grow-out?  At 1 part of Ocean Trace to 6,000 parts water, it will take 7.5 gallons of Ocean Trace™ per grow-out.

At 1 to 6,000, you are adding approximately 3/8 oz. (12 cc) of Ocean Trace™ per 1,000 lbs. of bird per day.

This same amount of Ocean Trace™ may be used for any type of fowl (chickens, geese, ducks, turkeys, etc.) 

Third, run the water through a Water Structuring Machine.

A NAT Water Structuring Machine induces a Unified Field of energy in the water molecules, drawing in Biophotons. 

The Water Structuring Device unit highly structures the water.  The level of structure of the water is directly proportional to the number of Biophotons into the water.  Take a few minutes to learn more by clicking here.