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Helping to Grow Healthy and Nutritious Crops


In an effort just to survive, many farmers have been forced to pursue farming practices that yield more bushels per dollar of input, but are far less dense in nutrition.  This has created an incredible nutritional vacuum in our nation.  Is there any way out?  YES!  AG-USA is helping many farmers to grow more nutritious crops and improve profitability at the same time!


What is the key to restoring health and nutrition to our crops?  There are 90 trace elements (most of them trace minerals) in the chlorophyll of plants.  In humans and animals, blood plasma contains these same 90 elements.  Why did our Creator place these in our blood, if they are not a needed nutrient?  In well over 100 tests done by Dr. Maynard Murray using Ocean Solids, he observed that when these trace elements are readily available in plants, diseases were diminished, and yields increased.


Most of these rare earth elements have been farmed out of our soils.  Every time we harvest a crop or graze our land, we remove these trace elements.  Many trace elements have simply leeched away through rain and irrigation.  Current agricultural practices only replace between 3 to 8 of these rare earth elements.  In reality, we are starving our crops, and starving ourselves.  This malnutrition makes us all vulnerable to attacks from virus, fungus, and bacteria.  Is there an answer?  Yes!!!


The ocean!  Incredibly, these 90 elements found in blood and chlorophyll are found in our oceans in the same basic proportions.  The ocean is the only place where these 90 elements are readily available and in well-balanced amounts.  Getting these elements back into circulation is as easy as recycling the richness of ocean water back onto our farm lands!  There are a number of ways to do this.  One way is to apply kelp (sea plants) to our soils.  A second way is to use an ocean fish fertility product.  Third, we can directly recycle the minerals of the sea, either through actual ocean water, ocean salt solids, or a slurry of ocean water, where most of the water has been removed.  Whatever approach you use, the most important thing is that we use one of these methods to re-mineralize our crops.


Ocean water is not only expensive to transport, but generally polluted within 20 miles of land.  The gulf is filled with pollutants.  Ocean salt solids are a good choice for re-mineralizing the land, but are expensive to ship (usually 100% or more of product cost), and the high salt content might be an issue on land already high in sodium.  Bought by the truck load, an 1,100 lb. first year application is around $130/acre (not including shipping), then another $65/acre for the next 2 years.  After the first 3 years, none should be needed for another 5 years.  Kelp seems a good alternative, but is not nearly as dense in trace minerals as Ocean Salt Solids or the Sea Mineral product sold by AG-USA.  We have chosen the following 2 choices for recycling the goodness of ocean water back to our farm lands. 


Our two products are Hydrolyzed Fish Fertilizer, and Ocean Trace™ .  For our BF-HFF Fish Fertilizer, we use a cold enzyme process to process our fish, so that microbes are preserved intact.  Our Fish fertilizer is loaded with trace minerals from the ocean.  Ocean Trace™ also has all the elements of the ocean.  We use the power of the sun to evaporate off 99% of the water.  What is left is a highly dense solution.  98.5% of the sodium crystallizes, precipitating out of solution, leaving a very low sodium product chocked full of minerals.  Because of it's low sodium levels, Ocean Trace™ can be put on in high concentrations without burning the plant.  


With cost effective applications (from $5/acre), you can supply your crops with a full spectrum of nutrients from the sea.