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Trace Elements are Important to Animals and Man

According to the Journal of the American Medical Association (Vol. 201, No. 6), William H. Strain, Ph.D. and Walter J. Pories, M.D. are investigators who champion the position that no element presently can be ruled absolutely unessential to humans.  Specialists in trace elements generally agree that more trace elements await discovery as dietary essentials in various animal species and possibly in man. 


Vitamins are very important to the human body, but minerals are even more important.  Without the right minerals available to our cells, we cannot assimilate or utilize vitamins even when they are present.  A wide variety of trace elements are required for the functioning of our DNA.  In fact, it has been stated that there are 250,000 DNA transactions do not happen in the human body every day due to missing trace elements.


If what we eat doesn’t provide the needed elements, then our cells are incomplete and may be invaded by bacteria, virus or fungus.  What is even more insidious is that, even though we may not realize it, we may be suffering from the disease of dilution, where our organs may be functioning, but not to their full potential.