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It is the nutrition level in the foods you grow.

America is plagued with a nutrition problem.  “Almost all commercial crops utilize some 40 earth minerals” (Eco Farm, Charles Walters, pg. 203).  In his ground-breaking book, The Miracles of Minerals, Albert Carter claims there are 79 elements needed by the human body (pg. 79).  Most NPK programs only replace 3 to 6.  Where are we to get the trace elements we need?


If you manage to get a good harvest, but that harvest has little food value, what have you accomplished?

The fact is, most of our farm lands are terribly depleted of trace elements.  They leech out, and every time we take off a crop we remove them.


Out of balance nutrients

“Without knowing it, American agriculture has reached the 29th day.  Its lands have become exhausted of carbon, depleted by N, P and K salt fertilizers and poisoned by toxic rescue chemistry.  The inevitability of so-called scientific practices has delivered degenerative metabolic diseases to a population that is also expanding exponentially.  The only remedy for a nutritional shortfall in lands and even hydroponics is the ocean itself.”  Fertility from the Ocean Deep, by Charles Walters, pg. xi.


“Healthy plants cannot grow in a sterile soil.  Nor can they grow in a soil that is not balanced or buffered to synthesize balance.  That is why American farmers grow a preponderance of sick plants and why they rely on toxic rescue chemicals to keep insects, bacteria and fungi from walking off with the crop.  Healthy plants from a balanced soil system do not offend their reason for being, and therefore they do not have to be saved with high powered poisons.”  Eco Farm, Charles Walters, pg. 207


“Every excess (of nutrients) disturbs the micro flora’s activity, chiefly through nitrification and fixation.  Interrelationships (of earth elements) work their way all through the life chain”  “Excessive potassium, sodium and magnesium will cause calcium deficiency.  Excessive calcium will cause magnesium, phosphorus and trace element deficiency.  Excessive magnesium will cause effects similar to magnesium deficiency.  Excessive boron will cause potassium and magnesium deficiency.  Excessive sodium and/or chlorine will cause potassium deficiency.”  Eco Farm, Charles Walters, pg. 205.


 “Nutrient interrelationships…among trace elements.  A mineral cannot be left out without affecting at least two other minerals, each of which will then affect two others.  Any movement of one mineral will result in the movement of all the other minerals.  The extent of effect upon each mineral will depend upon the mineral quantity and the number of enzymes or biochemical reactions the mineral is involved in.  This relationship of minerals goes beyond just the minerals extending into and affecting the vitamins, hormones and neurological functions of (the) body.  The Miracle of Minerals, Albert E. Carter, pg. 81.


“Nature will not be conquered except by obeying”


We have depleted the soil in a three-fold manner:

1.  Physically, by persistent and continuous plowing and cultivation of the land, thus facilitating the leaching of vital soil nutrients through the action of rainwater.

2.  Biochemically, by the continuous planting of food crops that draw mineral substances from the soil to build plant structures.

3.  Economically, by failing to replenish the soil with all elements taken from it in the agricultural process, instead reinstating only the three to six primary elements.  Sea Energy Agriculture, Maynard Murray, M.D. pg. 24.


Why should you spend your money on making your crops more nutritious?

Because you care!  You want to do your part in supplying desperately needed nutrients to our nation and world.  It’s all about being part of the solution, not the problem.


Can you afford to put the nutrients back in your crops?

Yes.  When you help others, you will be helped.

1.  This is the message of the Bible, and the economy of heaven.

2.  Nutrient loaded plants resist disease.  Your crops will be healthier.

3.  Nutrient loaded fruits and vegetables have greater ash content, prolonging shelf life.

4.  Nutrient loaded grains have higher test weights.

5.  Some experts suggest that nutrient loaded plants fend off insects.