Conquer Nature By Cooperating With It

Other AG-USA Products

Below you will find some of the products that AG-USA has been selling in previous years.

Although the products listed below are good products, 
I believe you will find MycorrPlus to be superior to our
other line of products, delivering much more "bang for the buck"!

I personally recommend that farmers switch to MycorrPlus!


Having said that, we do carry all of our former products, and you are welcome to check them out.

Ocean Trace
(OMRI listed under the name GroPal)


(All Natural)

Clean Green Liquid Calcium
(Formerly OMRI listed)

BF-HFF Fish Fertilizer

PGS Plant Growth Stimulant

SilaMax Silage Conditioner

Conquering Nature by Cooperating with it

Science:  Discovering the principles which God established, and learning to work in harmony with them.

Our soils are a complex thing.  Tech-Ag has been working since 1969 to understand the mysteries of what makes nutrition work – in animals, in plants, and in soils.  We have found that bacteria play an incredible role in living things.  Bacteria are the life or death of the soil.  By encouraging good bacteria activity, we can literally turn soils around, and bring them back to health and full production. MycorrPlus does a wonderful job at this.

How does MycorrPlus encourage good bacterial activity?

·         Increase the humus in the soil, promoting water retention and air flow (most beneficial bacteria require oxygen for their existence).

·         Introduce beneficial strains of bacteria back into the soil.

·         Provide food sources for bacteria, which then break down the nutrients so they are available to the plant.

·         Remove the toxins and salts which hinder bacterial life.

·         Replace trace minerals, which bacteria can then make available to the plant.

 As soil quality declines, the problems we must face increase.


Creating Further Problems in the Soil

As we deal with the problems which arise from poor soil, we can further damage the soil.

Insect problems:  Apply pesticides, whose toxins hurt our soils.

Nematodes:  Apply nematicides, which kill everything in their path, including beneficial microbes.

Weeds:   Apply herbicides, which often use salt as a carrier.

Water:   Irrigate, which brings more salts to the soil.

We need to refocus our attention on the core issue – the life of the soil.


What are the real issues with our soils?


Bacterial activity:   Bacteria are the chemists of the soil.  They break down complex nutrients, and make them available to the plant.

Ø       Organic matter:  
We need to find new and effective ways to increase organic matter.

Ø       Salts and toxins: 
They negatively influence productivity.

Ø       Trace minerals:  
By not replacing these, we have mined them from our soils.

Ø       Top soil:            
Deeper top soils mean more nutrients available to the plant.


What can be done on a limited budget?

 How do we build up our soils with our limited resources?  Many of you are already putting in place conservation measures to help your soil.  Measures such as no till, strip till, etc.

What else can be done?  It has taken us many years to get to our present state of poor soils.  Getting our soils back into shape will also be a marathon run, not a sprint. However, MycorrPlus can greatly increase the pace at which soil is restored to pristine health.

We at AG-USA don’t have all the answers, but we have found enough answers to help you to reverse the trend of “death” in your soil.  For 33 years, we have sat at the feet of men who have devoted their lives to researching the “whys” of plant and animal nutrition.  We have come to some significant understanding of why we are where we are today, and how we can get our soils back into shape.  Finally, we have sought out products which address the core issues.

Now some Good News!!!  Using MycorrPlus won’t cost you a penny more to use. In fact, you will likely save a lot of money on inputs, which maintaining or improving production.

AG-USA has already helped hundreds of farmers to restore the life in their soil, and to return their farms to greater profitability.  Every year that farmers use our products, their soils are improving.  This means that every year profitability is increasing!

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