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I believe that you, as well as many other farmers, are looking for ways to improve your soil. Some of the soil-building practices being implemented are:

  • Planting a cover crop

  • No till farming

  • Minimal tillage farming

  • Leaving crop residue in the field

Because peanuts traditionally require many chemical applications which can harm the soil, trying to improve the soil can feel like fighting a losing battle. Until today!

1. How about a biostimulant that brings the soil back to life, and as it does, helps with both compaction and the displacement of harmful nematodes?

2. How about a foliar fertilizer that replaces fungicides?

At AG-USA, our mission is to help farmers bring healing to their land, while increasing productivity. We finally have been able to put together an amazing program for peanuts that costs less while offering better yields!

We are looking for 20 peanut farmers who would like to use our program on a trial basis on a minimum of 15 acres. From these, we will choose 2 or 3 who are willing to work with an independent research firm to confirm results. All 20 farmers will receive discounted pricing for the acres they plant with the AG-USA program.

1. Our biostimulant, MycorrPlus-A, helps to produce a huge root mass as it takes out compaction and highly structures the soil. It is also a great inoculant, for superior nodulation. Mycorrhizal fungi help to free up phosphorus in the soil and transport it straight into the root of the plant. No phosphorus shortage! MycorrPlus-A helps to foster mycorrhizae, which help maximize carbon sequestration, which is the best way to build soil organic matter!

MycorrPlus-A is mixed with water and applied in the row. It is also broadcast in the fall when planting a cover crop and applied after herbicide applications.

2. AG-USA’s SupressPlus is a foliar fertilizer that replaces Headline, Bravo and other fungicides. Over 200 farmers have used it in place of Bravo.

SupressPlus contains chloride. Studies conducted by various agencies, including the USDA, show the suppression of plant diseases through chloride applications. Chloride research has shown that it plays an important role in suppression of fungal leaf and root diseases.

Peanuts without SupressPlus

Peanuts without SupressPlus


Peanuts with SupressPlus

Peanuts with SupressPlus

Fungicides can be very damaging to life in the soil. SupressPlus feeds soil life while it nurtures and feeds the plant. It can be applied by sprayer, or applied through the pivot at 1/10th inch water per acre.

A good foliar feed  like SupressPlus will balance the need for secondary and micronutrients as well as supply primary nutrients.

SupressPlus can be used to boost plant health throughout all stages of growth. It contains 76 trace minerals and micronutrients, including iron, boron, manganese and cobalt, which increase plant carbon energy, speeding up growth and increasing peanut production.

How much does AG-USA’s peanut program cost? Less than you think!

1. MycorrPlus-A: apply:
1 to 2 quarts/acre in the fall after harvest;
2 quarts in the row, mixed with water;
1 quart around 5 weeks postemergence.
$80/gal. by bucket, $71/gal. by tote. MycorrPlus-A is also a world class inoculant for peanuts, for great nodulation!

2. SupressPlus: apply 2 quarts preventative or 1 gallon as a treatment every 1 to 2 weeks. Sells for $40/gal. by the bucket and $38/gal. by the tote.

This peanut program helps improve the soil while cutting costs and potentially improving yields. Be a part of our trial in 2021 and save a whopping 20%!


The AG-USA Peanut Program:

● Builds organic matter
More organic matter means improved CEC and simply improves the viability of the soil.

The best way to build organic matter is through carbon sequestration. More carbon means more receptors for hydrogen ions, which helps to correct pH.

● Eliminates compaction, structure the soil
Structuring the soil improves moisture retention and a more complete harvest.

● Greatly improves microbial life in the soil
Can beneficial microbes help to eliminate harmful molds, nematodes, bacteria and fungus? Yes!!!

Grow more peanuts on fewer inputs, all while improving your soil!

  • A 10% to 20% increase in yields
  • Huge root structures, improving nutrient uptake
  • Greater mycorrhizal activity, far extending the root zone
  • Less disease and insect attack
  • Better moisture retention
  • Better drought tolerance


  • Better nodulation
  • Greater plant immunity
  • Accelerated seed germination
  • Toxins and salts digested and flushed down through the soil
  • Increased organic matter in the soil



Why Use MycorrPlus?

Taking good care of our microbes can highly structure the soil, taking out compaction and hardpan, while improving moisture retention.

  1. The best way to get good yields and at the same time build the soil is to fully utilize micro-organisms. These free up potassium and phosphorus already in the soil, cutting down on the need for other fertilizers.
  2. The AG-USA peanut program helps to remove compaction and hardpan. The sugars sequestered by the plant work like gums and glues to bind soil particles together, creating air spaces and bringing structure to the soil, eliminating soil compaction and producing humus. Save money on land plaster.
  3. As air flows down into the soil, our nitrogen fixing bacteria convert nitrogen in the air into urea, then other microbes convert it to available plant food. Nitrogen fixing bacteria can mean that no additional nitrogen is needed for peanuts.
  4. Our bacteria break down the chemicals and toxins that inhibit beneficial microbes and mycorrhizal fungi.
  5. Our bacteria remediate salts that inhibit soil life, flushing them out of the root zone.
  6. The soil becomes an ideal growing environment, as aerobic bacteria, fungi and beneficial nematodes displace anaerobic bacteria and harmful fungus, molds and nematodes.

Click here to view lab tests that demonstrate the ability of MycorrPlus-A to free up tied up nutrients in the soil, turning them into available plant food.

MycorrPlus can also help with the following:

  • Quickly builds organic matter in the soil
  • Accelerates seed germination
  • Balances pH by increasing organic matter, which absorb hydrogen ions, raising pH in low pH soil.

Does all this sound too good to be true? Watch what some of our customers have to say.

  • It is a great product for balancing out the soil.
  • Increased organic matter means Increased Cation Exchange Capacity, which benefits next year's crops, too.
  • Increased nutrients in crops and forage.
  • Greater nutrient density in peanut hay means healthier livestock.
  • Helps to energize the plant to sequester sugars (carbon) to feed the micro-organisms in the soil, which in turn make nutrients available to the plant.

Do one of the following today:

  • Call 1-888-588-3139, ext. 6 to speak to Preston Haag of AG-USA.

  • Email Preston at

  • Read the article below and let it inspire you with the possibilities



An AcresUSA interview that better explains how MycorrPlus-A works.

Dr. Christine Jones has written an exceptional article which was published in the March, 2015 issue of AcresUSA. This article does a great job of explaining how MrcorrPlus-A is able to accomplish all it does. Click here to read her article.

In her interview, Dr. Christine Jones explains the best way to increase the amount of carbon (sugars) the plant exudes through the roots into the soil, and how this is a wonderful way to increase the RFV and brix of the plant.


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