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Ocean Trace, save on 7+ buckets

When you purchase a total of 7 or more buckets, you can use this link to buy your Ocean Trace. Only purchase Ocean Trace with this link if you are purchasing 7 buckets or more, for a 50% savings in shipping!
Ocean Trace is a low sodium sea mineral concentrate, containing all 76 minerals found in ocean water. It is great for:

Adding to livestock water
Adding to compost tea
For swimming pools

However, for soil and plant fertility needs, MycorrPlus, which contains Ocean Trace (GroPal), is superior to applying Ocean Trace by itself. MycorrPlus helps to keep Ocean Trace from being tied up in the soil, and for foliar applications helps the plant better absorb the Ocean Trace.

Ocean Trace is the version for animals of our Ionic Sea Minerals for humans, except that Ionic Sea Minerals are more highly concentrated than Ocean Trace.
Price: $139.00