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AG-USA SAS (Soap, Adjuvant, Surfactant)

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Soap, Adjuvant, Surfactant - All-natural soap. Click here and here for our 2 SAS brochures.

SAS – use it anywhere that you need to cut through grease, wax or oil.

· Laundry soap – use 2 ounces for an average sized load.

· Hand soap – dilute 1 to 1 to break down oil and grease on hands.

· Washing dishes – put a squirt on your scrubbing sponge to clean dishes, pots and pans.

· All-purpose cleaner/antiseptic – dilute 4 to 1 with water, use in place of Formula 409.

· Acne – dilute 4 to 1; helps to dry out oily skin.

· Mosquito bites, ant, flea and tick bites – dilute 10 to 1. Helps to break down venom.

· Use to clean wounds on cattle and other livestock; dilute 4 to 1 with water; helps wounds to heal quickly.

· A wash for livestock. Dilute 10 to 1. Ticks and fleas can’t leave fast enough!

· Use as a wax stripper for floors.

· Use in the shop to clean grease off of engines and transmissions.

· Cleans molds and fungus off of walls.

· Use with a pressure washer to pressure wash surfaces clean.

· Pour a few ounces into the septic tank to break down the oils that can clog a septic tank.

· Dilute 4 to 1 and pour down the drain to break down grease and oil that can cause drains to clog.

· Cleans and disinfects milk tanks - dilute 4 to 1.

· Use as an insecticide – dilute 4 to 1, spray directly on white flies and other insects.

SAS for foliar applications

Use 1 oz. for 60 to 100 ounces of water. How does it work? It is like a mini shotgun that penetrates the waxy surface of the plant so the spray solution can get in. The plant will heal those breaches stronger than before. In that way, SAS can actually promote growth and yields.

SAS quickly takes your fertilizer or herbicide solution into the plant, improving absorption. It saves money by allowing you to cut back on how much fertilizer you apply. Spray less and get the same results. AG-USA uses SAS in manufacturing MycorrPlus-F, where we cut back application rate by 1/3rd. It makes spray solutions rainfast in minutes. A lot of our IFC (SAS) customers are dealers.

SAS as an insecticide

· It dries out worms on the leaf along with other soft-bodied insects. It also dries out beneficial soft-bodied insects on contact – (honeybees) and their eggs (ladybug eggs, etc.) so be careful. Add 2 to 4 ounces per gallon.

· It dries out fungus on the leaf, killing the fungus. Unlike insecticides, SAS doesn’t harm anything in the soil.

SAS for oil fields cleans up oil spills.

SAS for oil wells – These can see lower production over time. The surface where the oil comes into the well tends to slowly become sealed off with paraffins (wax). Pour 50 gallons into an oil well to break down the     paraffin lining. In some cases, this has doubled well production.

SAS Pricing: $100 for a gallon of concentrate (plus $15.05 shipping), $400 for a bucket (plus shipping),
$71/gal. for a 150 to 275 gallon tote (plus shipping). AG-USA dealers and distributors, dealer pricing starts at 7 buckets. If interested, please call or write and request our SAS info. pack, which includes dealer pricing. The following multi-pack is $130, including shipping: One-gallon concentrate, one-quart spray cleaner (4 to 1 dilution), and two 8 oz. foaming hand soap bottles (1 to 1 dilution). Just send a check for $130 and request the SAS multi-pack! We will include the SAS information packet with your order.


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