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MycorrPlus (formally called GroPal Balance) for Trees

Carbon sequestration is the absolute fastest and best way to create new topsoil. MycorrPlus prompts an incredible amount of carbon sequestration by the tree into the soil.

Learn why secreting sugars (carbon) through tree roots into the soil can create topsoil up to 10 times faster than can be done through the use of compost or other organic matter.

MycorrPlus helps to provide the perfect growing environment for trees, a growing environment that contains all the nutrients needed by trees for optimum productivity and tree health. It really does give you the most   "bang for the buck" for your fertilizer dollar!

Apply 2 quarts per acre of MycorrPlus-A to the root zone in the fall for wonderful results the following year. Actually, this application may be made at any time, but applications to trees take more time to show up in the fruit.

Richard Fish shares about MycorrPlus
(formerly called GroPal Balance) & more fruit production


MycorrPlus is a combination of two products - Soil Balance and GroPal (also marketed as Ocean Trace).

  • Soil Balance is a combination of numerous ingredients, including fish, kelp, humic and fulvic acids, molasses, 70+ strains of aerobic bacteria and 4 strains of mycorrhizal fungi. Its job is to help balance nutrients in the soil AND energize the soil.
  • GroPal is a sea mineral concentrate.  One hundred gallons of pure Australian ocean water is evaporated down to a 1 gallon concentrate, making it a great low sodium source of macro and trace minerals which have been proven beneficial to plants.

Do you need instant results? Put on fertilizer.
Do you want long-term amazing results? Get some MycorrPlus.

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How MycorrPlus works

MycorrPlus forms something like an aerobic membrane that holds and balances nutrients to help bring balance to the soil. This aerobic membrane keeps on expanding, becoming something like a sack that holds carbon and other nutrients, making them available to the plant.

MycorrPlus offers the soil ingredients that are necessary to reestablish the natural and productive relationship between soil and plants. There are 70+ strains of aerobic bacteria and 4 strains of mycorrhizal fungi. Molasses is included as an energy source for the microorganisms. All of the microorganisms are native to healthy soil. These micro-organisms help to make both macro and micro nutrients available to plants.

The microorganisms start the process of digesting chemicals and salts and removing other harmful elements in the soil, including anaerobic bacteria.

The process of the multiplication of microorganisms and fixation of sugars provided by the plants flocculates the soil, separating soil particles and thereby allowing space for air and water in the soil. These air spaces in the soil are essential for creating the proper balance of air, water and soil.

Without the air spaces the soil will either become oversaturated with water or it will dry out. Either situation is highly detrimental, because it slows root growth, which in turn restricts the growth of the plant above ground.

Ultimately, MycorrPlus enables the soil to become the ideal environment for plant life.

The bacteria in the soil that make Sulfur available are eliminated by Lime. This is why it is so much better to use MycorrPlus to correct soil pH.

pH is best corrected through soil biology, not chemically. IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO PROPERLY CORRECT SOIL pH WITH LIME.

MycorrPlus-A or O helps to balance soil nutrients (both the macro & the micro).  As the nutrients come into balance the ENERGY in the soil increases. This results is an increase in plant growth. 

The more balanced the soil is, the higher the energy will be. (Too much or too little of any nutrient causes an imbalance and reduces the quantity &/or quantity of production.  


Who Should Use MycorrPlus

MycorrPlus is designed for farmers who would like to use less chemicals.

While it is true that a farmer who applies NPK may reap some benefits from a MycorrPlus application, the greatest soil building occurs when NPK is not applied.

Many farmers want to see something work on a small scale before they will be ready to use it on a large scale. So why not pick out an area and give MycorrPlus a try? Once you apply the MycorrPlus, make every effort not to apply anything else in the test area.

If you find it necessary to apply a herbicide or other chemical, let it sit at least 3 days, then follow up with a 32 oz. per acre of MycorrPlus-A.

We believe that once you have given MycorrPlus a try you will be convinced by what you see! Pastor Andrew Curtiss was. Even though his was an experience with his garden, what he saw applies equally to trees.

Andrew Curtiss, Shalom Vegetables in Michigan

My experience with the MycorrPlus was excellent.  I grow CSA and farm market vegetables on a plot of land around 1 acre in size. It is land that had been used for conventional agriculture for 30 years prior to 2015.  On your recommendation I applied an equivalent of 40 oz. of MycorrPlus-A to the acre in May of 2015.

To say I was impressed may be an understatement.  I planted 75 pounds of seed potatoes. My final potato harvest was in the 1200 pound range.  For nearly 6 weeks my shell peas produced large quantities of the sweetest peas I have grown. We picked off of our bush snap beans for over 6 weeks. When I quit picking them they were still flowering. By that time we had become completely sick of picking beans.?

Overall the flavor of our produce this last year was exceptional. At the farmers market I was told every week how excellent our produce was. I have no doubt the MycorrPlus was a major factor.

What impressed me the most was the plants ability to deal with stress. In mid-June we had almost five inches of rain in two days. I thought for sure I was going to loose half the garden, as it was under water for almost 12 hours. The plants pushed through. What followed was 21 days without rain. Never once in that time did I see a wilted plant.

When it came time to tear the garden down, I was blown away by the mycorrhizal fungi all over the roots of our plants. I firmly believe that symbiotic relationship between plant and root was the key to our success in 2015. The root structures were amazing. God's creation is truly amazing!  Thanks for an awesome product.

Foliar Applications

Although MycorrPlus-A or O works best in the soil, MycorrPlus-O-F is the product of choice for foliar applications on trees. It has all the components for maximum benefit. Just apply 3 quarts/acre with enough tank mix to cover the leaves of the tree.

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