MycorrPlus Video Testimonials
(formerly called GroPal Balance)

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John in GA, Transforming Exceptionally Poor Soil

Bert Richardson, SC.  42% increase in grass hay

Mike Cunningham, up to a 73% increase in pasture yield

John in GA, Producing Exceptional Horses

Aerate Soil and Eliminate Compaction and Hardpan

John in GA, Superior Nodulation without an Inoculant

Leonard Bembry, "It sounded too good to be true"

Elaine in GA, Producing Healthier Cattle

Elaine in GA, Increasing Cattle Fertility

Bert Richardson, ease of applying MycorrPlus (GroPal Balance)


Aaron Fish discusses more pasture growth


MycorrPlus (GroPal Balance) makes a visible difference in pasture

A Huge Amount of Earthworms in Florida Sugar Sand


GroPal Balance (MycorrPlus) on Fruit Trees


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