Conquer Nature By Cooperating With It



Here at AG-USA, our philosophy is to solve problems instead of treating symptoms.  For instance, it is better for us to eat healthy, nutritious foods and exercise regularly, as opposed to living a sedate lifestyle and eating junk food all the time.  Wisdom instructs us to correct our lifestyle rather than take pills to treat symptoms that are brought on by junk food.

Using AG-USA products

Plants and soils need certain nutrients to thrive.  Without these, disease and insect problems multiply.  Why not solve the problem by giving our soils and plants the nutrient balance they need, like a good balance of organic fertilizers.  The other choice is to feed them chemical fertilizers that produce big yields but don't supply some of the basic needs of the plant and soil.

On the left, you will find articles aimed at helping you to provide a good nutritional balance for plants and soil.  On the right are some products mentioned in the articles that are beneficial to both plants and soil.  Since we are what we eat, let's grow nutritious plants that will better meet our needs for nutrients.

Here's to a healthy future for both you and what you grow!