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GroPal Balance
Detailed information about our flagship fertilizer product, GroPal Balance

How GroPal Balance works
An interview with Dr. Christine Jones. This article explains beautifully how carbon sequestration is the best way to build topsoil and grow nutrient dense plants

Building Organic Matter
The best way to build organic matter is through Carbon Sequestration. Now you can send a signal to the plant to sequester large amounts of sugars (liquid carbon) into the soil, thus rapidly building organic matter

5 Keys for Activating the Carbon Sequestration Switch
How do you get Carbon Sequestration really going in your soil? This is how!

27 Benefits to Activating the Carbon Sequestration Switch
There are numerous benefits to applying GroPal Balance.

GroPal Balance videos
GroPal Balance video testimonials

GroPal Balance testimonials
These are unsolicited testimonials from our customers concerning their experience with GroPal Balance

Feeding trees
Helping trees to be healthy, strong and high yielding

Helpful facts about GroPal Balance

Ocean Trace
Ocean Trace, a component of GroPal Balance, is beneficial for feeding to animals, etc.

Purchase Ocean Trace
Buy some Ocean Trace

Ocean Trace application sheet
Guidelines for applying Ocean Trace

Ocean Trace detailed application instructions
More detailed application instructions for Ocean Trace

Ocean Trace benefits
Benefits available in a concentrated sea mineral product

Ocean Trace brochure
Brochure explaining about Ocean Trace

Ocean Trace testimonials
Customers share their experiences of using Ocean Trace

Elements in ocean water
A list of the percentages of each naturally occuring element in ocean water, which gives a better idea of the elements available in Ocean Trace.

Build drought tolerance
How GroPal Balance helps to make soils drought tolerant

GroPal Balance application sheet
Detailed information to help you get the best results using GroPal Balance

Dr. Maynard Murray's Research
Dr. Maynard Murray's groundbreaking research on sea minerals

NAT water structuring machines
Natural Action Technologies has water structuring machines that help to highly structure water for increased yields and brix.

Some of the products offered by our company, AG-USA

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